Solo Travel

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m terrible at doing things alone. I enjoy going to the gym alone, the grocery store, and sometimes coffee shops, but that’s about where it ends. I’m working on making a conscious effort to travel more and the hardest thing for me is realizing that if I wait for a travel partner I’ll never go anywhere. I’m currently planning a trip overseas with my cousin/best friend/sister/roommate this Summer but that’s just the beginning. Often I see beautiful photographs that bring me to the verge of tears because I’m not there (See Bokehm0n on Insta) and if I don’t learn how to be comfortable flying solo I’ll never see these places.

Here is it, my conscious effort to travel more and spend more time alone (and be happy about it). My plans to travel this summer wont be until July but I don’t plan on waiting until then to start.

1. South Florida

Start small, right? I haven’t been home to SoFlo in about two years and all throughout school and this past year since graduation I’ve been waiting and waiting for the right or convenient time and it hasn’t happened yet.

2. New York City

Next stop: New York. Back in December visiting my brother in his NYC apartment I promised him I would visit him again soon. Being only a few hour drive away it should be simple enough, once again it just takes me making the conscious effort to take the time off of work to go for it. Being a part time freelancer and making my own schedule for the most part you’d think it’d be easy.

3. Canada

I’ve always wanted to go to Canada and I could easily make a weekend trip of it but I’ve never been away alone and I’m not completely sure where to start.

Three destinations with three months until my big trip overseas. Considering I have places to stay in two out of three I think it sounds manageable. If you really want something then go ahead and create a set of goals and these are just a few of mine. Who knows, maybe talking about it more will help me to achieve them.

Halfway Between Home.jpg

What are some of your travel goals? Any tips for traveling alone? Road trip music? How to save and not spend all of your money at Whole Foods hot food bar? Let me know in the comments.


Greece, 2015


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Our trip here has been a whirlwind so far. I’ve barely posted any of my photos and I haven’t written a single thing here about it. I think that says something for how much I’ve been enjoying my time here though. We’ve had a couple days here and there to relax and I’ve been journaling quite a bit on traditional pen and paper, so nothing has quite made it in the open yet. 

 I’ve seen and done so much since arriving here on the 20th of May and I have so much yet to do before leaving here on the 17th of June. 

I’ve seen wonders of the ancient world and basked in the beauty of the Greek country side. 

I’ve swam in the Aegean amongst the mountains and ate and drank the night away with friends and locals. 

 It’s been a great experience. For now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my afternoon on our hotel rooftop and play with my worry beads. Later there may be more.  


Isigia and xoxo, from Athens

Posing 101 with Lindsay Adler on CreativeLive

Here’s a really great free resource that teaches a comprehensive basic training on how to pose a model in a variety of situations, I found it to be super useful, especially since we sometimes forget these things in a workflow. It’s about 45 minutes but it’s definitely worth watching. (you will also be able to find the link to this video under my tips and tricks page) – xo



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Pretty soon this piece will be up in our school’s EYE Gallery. Here’s a fun reflective shot of the piece all matter and framed. I’m excited to say that over the course of the semester my work will be featured in 4 different shows, two of them juried, and that’s been a lot of fun for me. That’s really what it’s all about anyway, is enjoying what you’re doing and getting to share that with others. Have a good night, all. 


WIP Image Comparison


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Mary, Spring 2015 Mary, Spring 2015

I’d be interested in hearing people’s opinions on these photographs. I have a critique today with my view camera class but I figured I’d bring it to the web as well and show you what I’ve been working on recently.

Last week I went back to Florida on Spring Break for the first time in over a year. Mary is one of my best friends and I think that very different things come through in these two images that are both representative of her as a person. I feel like I’m too attached to the subject and that’s clouding my judgment of the image. What do you guys think? Left? Right? Neither? Let me know in the comments.

Professions Artist lecture with Meighan O’Toole


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As you all know I struggle between posting either too much or too little on social media over the past two years I’ve had this blog. Well today Meighan O’Toole came in and gave a lecture on social media to the professional artist class I’m currently taking at NHIA.

She spoke a lot about getting your work out on the web and doing different things to set yourself apart, you’ve all seen those “photo a day” challenges? Well she really inspired me to get back onto updating my various social media accounts with more of my artwork. I’m excited to check out her website and be more active within my own art community, even if it’s in simple ways (like actually writing posts about what I’m doing when I say I will).

I started this blog back over a year ago as a part of my digital literacy class with Lindsay Coats, then was inspired to keep at it by a wonderful friend and mentor, Jason Landry over the summer with more about not only my work but also the work of others in the art world. Now I’m going to have at it again. I recently created a website for my professional artist class which I linked to in my last post and there is also a link on my website to my blog here. I also recently got into model mayhem. I am currently working on updating and integrating everything and thanks to everyone that has stuck with me. Hopefully later tonight I’ll get a blog post up about a recent lecture I attended with photographer Andrea Modica.

Website Up and Running


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The never ending struggle to keep up with a social media presence continues: Michele Diana

Check out my website where I’ll be continually adding new work and updating information. Sorry I’ve been a little out of the loop on WordPress for a while!

Also coming up is a model mayhem profile, so stay tuned and feel free to drop me a message.

ambrotype presentation comparison


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DSC_2022Here is an example from today’s class of two different ways I’ve experimented with presenting my ambrotypes.

The image on the left was spray painted black on the collodion side which, when turned over, allows the image to be seen as it would appear in person. This also removes the need to use a varnish for protection. I only found this out when a few weeks ago I accidentally sprayed my plate with black spray paint instead of spray varnish. I thought I had ruined it. The exposure is slightly shorter than that on the right.

The image on the right is protected using a spray varnish on the collodion side and set against spray painted black glass. It is seen reversed, the way it appears in the camera.

I personally prefer the image on the right hand side for it’s creamier tones and the interesting mark on the lower right hand side presumably caused by my development. As far as presentation goes in general I’m torn. I enjoy the process so much and I can’t wait to experiment with different ways to display them as a final product.

Feel free to leave questions or comments, feedback is always appreciated.

Meret Oppenheim

I’m watching a German film with an Italian audio track and it’s almost 11:30 at night as I write this. Language barriers are rough. Sam and I screwed up, we thought there would be English subtitles and we are reminded of just how little Italian we have learned as we understand one in every 10 words and barely grasp what the speaker is saying. While art may be a universal form of communication Italian most definitely is not.

It’s quite amazing how many languages people here speak and how limited we are in America living in a country where we aren’t exposed to other languages on a regular basis and you can travel far and wide and still be understood and understand. Here, in Italy,  in a matter of a few hours you could be in a completely different country with relative ease and speed where they speak a completely different language and I imagine you are almost forced to be multilingual not even taking the school system into account.

Thoughts from an American artist abroad.